Length of trails (round-trip courses)

Names Descriptions Meters Feet
Cavern From the archway to the cavern 1,652
1.64 km
1.03 miles
3 fall loop From the dam, go hike the loop and come back to the dam


1.76 km

1.1 miles
3 falls only From the archway up to the 3 falls by hiking the loop without going to the cavern 2,750
2.74 km
1.7 miles
Cavern and 3 falls From the archway passing by the cavern up to the 3 falls and coming back to the archway 3,420
3.41 km
2.12 miles
Coulée verte Complete loop starting at the rafting site 572
0.57 km
0.35 mile

Trails informations :

  • The section of the trail going to the dam is made of gravel, giving it looks of a road. The section on the cavern side is more rustic with its rock heads and big roots coming out of the ground.
  • The 3-fall trail looks like a small hunting trail. You are closer to the vegetation. After a rainfall, odours from plants, leaves and trees are more present.
  • The Coulée verte trail gets its name from the presence of a creek and the abundant greenery and is an extremely fragile environment with moss taking roots on the rock.

Being located on a mountain, the trails leading to the cavern and 3 falls are rated as moderately difficult. Despite its short length, the Coulée verte trail is more difficult but offers a view worth the effort.