Schedule and Rates

Everyday from June 10 to October 12, 2020*
* Starting September 26, access to the park only for hiking

Visiting Hours

From June 10 to August 21: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
From August 22 to October 12 : From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sipline From June 24 to September 5

Plan more or less 3 hours for a complete visit of the site. The visit of the cavern alone lasts 1.5 hours including 30 minutes inside with a guide. The visitor will learn who discovered it, how it was formed, what it houses and its legends.

There are visits every 30 minutes. At the reception centre, the welcome agent will give you a visiting hour. At the cavern entrance, two guides await visitors and, taking turns, they conduct a visit. Closing hour corresponds to the hour of the last admission. For example, if you arrive at 5:00 pm or 4:00 pm, depending on the period of year, you will have 2 hours to conduct your visit.

Walking shoes (sneakers) are mandatory. Sweaters are optional.

Cavern : closed due Covid - 19


Immersive show: Écho, the mémory of stones
Promenade of the water supply pipe
Footbriges inked to the rock wall


Taxes included.
Prices subject to change without notice
(12 and over)
(12 and younger)
Cavern + Park
Not recommended for children under 4 years old (they are prohibted from accessing the cavern) and persons with a mobility impairment or with heart problems.

Park + Immersive show $23,00 $14,00
From St-Jean Baptiste to Labor day
$35,00 $28,00
Park + Tyro package $35,00 $24,00
Cavern + Park + Tyro package    
20 persons and more upon reservation only
Seasonal passport
Available, contact us for more info

Considering that Bell Canada lines do not run up to the site despite the presence of the Hydro-Québec network, we do not have any automated payment services. We only accept cash. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.