Cavern Specifics

Temperature 4.5 degrees Celsius
Humidit 96 %
Bats Rarely do we see them inside the cavern in the summertime. Five specimens can be observed in the aviary specially laid out on the second floor of the reception centre.
Duration of visit 2.5 hours and more to visit the cavern and hike all the trails.
1.5 hours only to visit the cavern.

State of mind needed to visit the Trou de la Fée Cavern

"A garden cannot be secret. First and foremost, it exists to be contemplated, admired and embellished by who looks at it. It is also the look that we give a garden that makes it alive. A garden is visited with the eyes and the heart; we embrace it with our senses of hearing and smell and our sensitivity.  We must have listened to the sound of a fresh-blown bud to appreciate the silence preceding any birth. You know, my friend, a daffodil never wanted to be a rose, so desirable it is. Never a poplar would want to be an oak, so resistant it is. What comes first in nature, is the respect of differences and the knowledge of one's identity. Everyone has its own place and it is in the respect of the whole that nature can bloom."

Fernand Patry, Poet and writer

When we follow our pace, nature reveals its secrets.