Welcome Underground!

Unique phenomenon in Canada by its origin. Formed in granite, the Trou de la Fée is the ideal location to live a first experience in speleology. Easy to visit, the cavern offers a safe environment.

Spectacular above Ground!

The cavern park offers a typical environment of the most beautiful landscapes in Quebec. Discover the canyon! Take advantage of trails, water main walkway and footbridges attached to rock capes. Discover the Metabetchouane River with its falls, cascades and ruins of the hydroelectric plant. You will be enchanted by the Coulée verte trail. You will be impressed, astonished and fascinated by the originally-designed trails and enchanted by the view.

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Immersive show

ÉCHO, the mémory of stones

21 captivating minutes of the 360 degrée production that willmake you vibrate to the rhythm of the évolution of the territoryand its occupation.

Supported by sound effects and light effects cliverly orchestrated by TKNL, créatorof expérience, this immersive show will make you expériencethe major évents that maked the Trou de la Fée cave park up to the mouth of the métabetchouane river.

Évents intimmately linked to the history, social, économic and tourist life of the site, the municipality of Desbiens and its population.

Unique on Québec, the projection room, cut from the granite of the Canadian Shield, from an amphitheater 7 méters high by 16 méters in diaméter.

The roc therefore serves as a screem.



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